Replacer App Details.

It is useful app for store owner to maintain reusable content in Product Description.

App provide feature to centralize your reusable/common descriptions parts of product using Key/Value technique.

To whom this app needs?

  • Do you like to maintain common/reusable text/pics/table based content from centralize place ?
  • Do you have many products which shares same descriptions or part of it ?
  • Do you need to update those common texts/pics at some interval times ? and also want to save time for that process ?

Then this app is for you.


  1. Install the app
  2. Create a replacer in our app. Content value is common/reusable description text or picture or table or anything, which you want to display in many products description part.
  3. Place Replacer Key into your product description in Shopify Admin panel , at whatever location you want to display Content value part of replacer.
  4. Save that product & wait for couple of minutes. Now see that product page on your store website. Product description should have Content Value part of replacer.
  5. Use same key in other products to show that common content for them.
  6. Go back to app, Update that replacer value & that will update on all products where this Key is used.

See full working flow in below video.

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